Our Vision for AirPay

Hi, I’m James, CEO of AirPay. Thanks for stopping by our blog! 

Our vision for AirPay is simple: to enable you to pay with your phone at your favorite places, earn rewards, and (optionally) share your experiences with friends & family.

We think a mobile wallet should work on any smartphone, not just a few handsets on Sprint. We think a mobile wallet should be more than just a credit card on your phone. It should offer an engaging experience. We think a mobile wallet should be as fun as it is functional. It should take full advantage of the smartphone revolution, the Internet, and your social graph. Users should be able to share their purchase experiences with friends in order to:

  • Keep up to date.
  • Share deals, discounts and coupons.
  • Discuss interesting places and products.
  • Share ratings and reviews. 

Reinventing the wallet is no easy task, so we need your help. Tell us what you’d like to see in a mobile wallet. What would make you want to use it every day?  

Reach us at:

- The AirPay team (Eric, Jason, Pete, Galen, Ron and James)